Mark Beekhuizen


Mark Beekhuizen joined the S.J. Quinney College of Law as IT Director in 2008, leading the information technology team during a period of expansion and reorganization as the College began to experience directly the social impacts of information technology systems and the associated change on people and processes. He delights in the daily engagement of "meaningful work" at the law school that too few IT leaders experience first-hand. Beekhuizen began his IT career as a computer repair technician with the U.S. Air Force and subsequently as a systems test engineer with the defense and aerospace firm now known as Northrup Grumman. Through these assignments, he developed his awareness, skill, and desire to understand the complexity of large scale information systems, and how they support the business processes for which they were designed. Prior to joining the College of Law, Mark served as Network Manager for the University of Utah Hospital and later, Director of Information Systems for the University Health Sciences Center, where he gained invaluable leadership experience under the tutelage of various healthcare leaders. Mark is interested in supporting the growing movement to apply appropriate technology solutions to academic needs and the social impacts these systems and changes are having on the world around us.