Mark Berger Chicago


After three years of work on their quality system for Chicago nursfing home facility, the Villa Healthcare, the president Mark Berger announced that the facility managed to meet the requirements of this program. With this it became the first Chicago loated institution to receive a certificate confirming the status of Quality Domain, based on self-assessment.

This project for improving and innovative learning in Chicago residential care homes for the elderly has been developed as a quality management system within the institution, exclusively for the care and care of the elderly and infirm. For Berger, applying this model to Chicago homes for the elderly, like Villa Healthcare, increases the satisfaction and quality of life of the user of the nursing home facilities and their relatives and employees, ie all the elderly care participants.

For Mark Berger, the introduction of the this system as a model of work means its further development, professionalism, enhancement of reputation and competitiveness with other institutions based on analysis and comparison of work results. Quality certification is also a deserved acknowledgment to all employees on their dedicated work aimed at developing quality for the benefit of users.

As a Chicago resident, Mark Berger started his career in nursing home management in late 90s. In the first few years, Berger he has held a number of leading positions in various Chicago-based healthcare companies.

After accumulating enough experience, in 2010, Berger founded Villa Healthcare, a nursing and rehabilitation center for elderly in Chicago. Throughout this company, Berger owns and manages more than 20 Short Term Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers throughout the Midwest. His team of specialists is committed to make people better, by providing high quality individualized treatments.

Another part of Mark Berger’s life that is worth to be highlighted is that he is an active contributor and donator to a number of charitable organizations in the community of Chicago.