Mark Edington


Mark Edington is a higher-education executive, social entrepreneur, writer, and editor. Appointed in 2014 as the first director of the Amherst College Press, he has served as the senior executive officer of interdisciplinary research centers at Harvard, including the Center for the Study of World Religions and the Harvard Decision Science Laboratory. His work in academic publishing has encompassed directing the publications program of an independent think tank focused on issues of international security and foreign policy, and as a consulting editor at Dædalus, the journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. As a member of the founding board of three NGOs, he has a deep commitment to civic engagement with foreign policy and a passion for creative solutions to food and income security. A founding director of the 2Seeds Network, he has worked to create a new path linking the need for strengthening ethically grounded leadership in the developed world with the need for improving self-sufficiency in the world's poorest countries. He serves as well as a director of the Harvard University Employees Credit Union, where he sits on the audit committee. Mark writes frequently on issues at the intersection of public policy and religion. His essays have appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, the New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, and other national publications. He maintains a blog on The Huffington Post, and is a frequent commentator on New England Public Radio. Mark is a life member of the Council on Foreign Relations and an ordained minister in the Episcopal Church.

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