Marlena Erdos


I'm a technologist who has worked in secure distributed systems for over two decades. I'm an architect, designer, analyst, and programmer. Career highlights include: Co-creating the SAML & Shibboleth Federated Identity Management standards; publishing "RFID & Authenticity of Goods" in RFID: Applications, Security, and Privacy (ed. Simson, Rosenberg); co-authoring "The Java Security Reference Model"; breaking two "highly secure" commercial systems by finding design flaws -- and then providing ways to secure the systems. I'm also an experienced presenter, with training in improv acting and standup comedy. I've created and given many talks on security and privacy topics, mostly internally at companies I've worked for but occasionally at conferences. Among other things I won "Best Speaker" at a Burton Group conference on Role-Based Access Control. When I'm not being a technologist, I write plays, songs, and musicals. But mostly right now, I'm a technologist.