Martin Ramsay


Martin Ramsay is Managing Director of CEATH Company, a consulting firm he co-founded in 1979. CEATH Company ( is in international consulting firm focusing on institutional effectiveness. In his role as Managing Director, Martin was featured in Fortune magazine as "an expert on the organizational impact of new information systems" who impresses clients with his "preparedness and clarity." The Center for Digital Education presented him with their "In the Spotlight" Award, calling him one of the "most innovative, hard-working, trend-setting IT leaders in the nation." His on-going project for the Appalachian College Association, the Learning Asset Management Project, won the Mellon Award for Technology Collaboration ( in 2008. As a consultant, Martin has worked on three continents, in eleven countries (and counting), in his quest to help organizations. Some of Martin's projects include serving as Chief Instructional Technologist for the Appalachian College Association (, a consortium of 36 small, private institutions in the southern Appalachian Mountains. In that role, he focuses on improving teaching and learning by working with faculty as well as students and administrators at member institutions, particularly through the appropriate application of technology. His Sakai-based LAMP project ( there is used by over 14,000 users on 16 different campuses. He has proven to be particularly adept at building collaboration, what he calls acting "like a bundle of sticks." As he notes, "Individually, many institutions are not as strong as they'd like to be -- like an individual stick. But bundle the sticks together and you have a strong and vibrant community." Martin has also served as the Director of Information Systems and Services for Berea College, a small private liberal arts college in Kentucky with a rich history of service, since 1855, to economically disadvantaged students from the Southern Appalachian Mountains. As Director, Martin was responsible for all academic and administrative computing, as well as the campus technology infrastructure, technology for use in teaching and learning, and customer services. Under Martin's care, and with a lot of help from many others, Berea College's ubiquitous computing student laptop computer initiative came to fruition. Martin's accomplishments include numerous publications in PC Magazine, the American Society for Training and Development's Training and Development Journal, Computer Graphics World, Information Center, and others; presentations before international audiences on topics as diverse as software development and organizational change; and a client list that includes the world's largest corporations, small non-profits, institutions of higher education, and the U. S. military. His experiential learning laboratories, including the Factory on a Desk-Topâ„¢ (for process improvement) and HealthyIntegrationâ„¢ (for healthcare delivery collaboration), have been well received internationally and provide engaging organizational and human development tools. Martin holds a bachelor's degree in chemistry and education. He and his wife of 33 years have four grown sons and are beginning to enjoy their new grand-children.

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