Martina Jordaan


Dr Martina Jordaan is the Head: Community engagement research and postgraduate studies at the Mamelodi campus, University of Pretoria, South Africa. She was previously a senior lecturer at the University of Pretoria responsible for the compulsory module, Community-based Project Module (code: JCP), for all undergraduate students of the Faculty Engineering, the Built Environment and Information Technology. The module received recognition via the Education Innovation Awards (2006), as a finalist of the MacJannet Prize (2010) and won the Marketing Advancement & Communication in Education (MACE) Excellence Award in the Category: Integrated campaigns/projects and Subcategory: Social responsibility Citizenship Development in 2014. Dr Jordaan received the University of Pretoria’s Community engagement Award in 2015 and the University Education for Transformative Leadership in Africa (UETLA) (Talloires Network) in 2016 and a special award for teaching in learning from the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and IT in 2019. Her research focus is on community engagement, service-learning and blended learning.