Mary Alice Ball


Mary Alice Ball is Assistant Professor in the Indiana University School of Library and Information Science at Indianapolis. She teaches classes in library technology, online information retrieval, information policy, and intellectual freedom. She is a believer in experimenting with emerging technologies in the classroom, modelling a spirit of adventure for her students. Mary Alice has worked with library and information technology systems for more than twenty years. She has a checkered past, having vacuumed books in the basement of Harper Library at the University of Chicago, served as the Korean expert on the Research Libraries Group's CJK Project, travelled the backroads of America working for NOTIS Systems, to more current endeavors as Director of Standards and Research for the Venture Creation Group of marchFIRST (bankrupt in 2001), and Bibliovault Manager at the University of Chicago Press. Now she is content to live in Evanston, Illinois, with her precious daughter and commute to Indianapolis at the end of each week.

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