Mary Jane Mahony


Mary Jane Mahony is based in the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at the University of Sydney, Australia, as Director, Education Connections. In this role her portfolio is broadly concerned flexible teaching and learning, with particular reference to postgraduate education for this large and complex faculty. She is currently chair of the College of Health Sciences’ (CHS) working group on information and communication technologies in teaching and learning and project director for a suite of strategic development projects in the College. (FHS is one of five faculties comprising CHS which is the most comprehensive provider of higher education in the health sciences in the southern hemisphere). She sits on the University’s ICT in T&L Governance Committee as well as participates in numerous other university, college and faculty working parties concerned with the many dimensions of flexible teaching and learning in the University. She combines wide personal experience in higher education (an MS in botany from the University of California at Davis in the USA with a Diploma in Education from the University of New England in Australia, a Graduate Diploma in Distance Education from the South Australian College of Advanced Education, and a PhD in education policy from Australia’s University of Wollongong) with a long history in all facets of educational development and deliver, primarily in the context of agricultural, management and health sciences education. This provides her with both a multi-disciplinary background and an experiential base enabling her to look at educational issues from a range of perspectives.