Mary Kratz


Mary Kratz has joined the Internet2 staff as the point person for Health Science Initiatives. Before joining Internet2, Mary's considerable experience as a laboratorian and researcher spawned a career in healthcare information systems. Originally trained as a Medical Technologist, she is accredited by the American Society of Clinical Pathology and licensed as a National Laboratory Scientist. Recently, Mary has focused her energies on healthcare informatics as a Project Coordinator for advanced technologies with the University of Michigan Health System. Mary brings to Internet2 a wealth of medical industry experience. She is a steadfast proponent of consensus based healthcare software standards, having chaired several healthcare standards committees.

As this effort is in its formative stages, your input is needed. Mary is already engaged in healthcare middleware standards efforts involving several members. There clinical, research, and teaching activities taking place that will benefit from Internet2 member collaboration. The initial planning session for the new Internet2 Health Science initiative resulted in the formation of a new Internet2 workgroup. The fist meeting of the Internet2 Health Science workgroup will be at the Internet2 Member Meeting, 27-29 March in Washington, D.C.

Contact Mary ([email protected] or 1-800-242-6101) for further details as this new initiative for the Internet2 evolves.

About the presentation:

An objective of the Internet2 applications effort is to inform faculty and researchers about the opportunities presented by advanced network environments. Internet2 Days and demonstrations, for example, have generally focused on broad audiences. January 2000, Internet2 launched an outreach effort to the health science community. This first specialty area for Internet2 was chosen because of the variety of current Internet2 member activities underway that apply to the medical domain and the great potential yet untapped.

The Internet2 Health Science initiative includes clinical practice, medical and related biological research, education and medical awareness in the Public. To this end, the following areas will be emphasized:

-Facilitate and coordinate the creation or enhancement of medical applications whose architecture and development have been restricted or prevented by the traditional Internet.

-Facilitate and coordinate the development of general application tools to take advantage of Internet2 advanced network services. These tools are most likely to arise in the process of developing specific applications across a range of application areas, but their ultimate value will be to seed the long-term distributed development of applications to support healthcare and the life sciences.

-Under the auspices of the Internet2 Applications Group, collaborate with other professional associations in the health sciences and Internet community to develop guidelines for safe and effective use of the Internet.

-Leverage and influence Internet2 resources to apply solutions to the medical domain.

-Inform the Medical Community of these developments through collaborative application demonstrations at the Regional, National, and International level.