Maureen McCreadie


After 25 years as a faculty librarian, three years heading the Department of the Arts, and eleven years as Associate Provost of Learning Resources at Bucks County Community College in Newtown, Pennsylvania, Maureen McCreadie has happily returned to the faculty, teaching Communication in the Arts Department. She also co-teaches a multi-disciplinary eLearning course on Social Media at the College. She has enjoyed opportunities to serve on the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative Advisory Board (2008-2011), the EDUCAUSE 2013 Program Committee, and on the Editorial Board of ACRL's journal, College and Research Libraries. She also served as Vice Chair of the National Council for Learning Resources (NCLR) During her four decades in higher education, her primary area of research and publication has been in pursuit of a theoretical understanding of access to information. Her investigation has been multidisciplinary and has sought to view the research questions from multiple perspectives. Her background as a faculty leader at her institution and her interest in labor issues are reflected in her publication history, which includes Accessing and Browsing Information and Communication, coauthored with Ronald E. Rice and Shan-Ju L. Chang, and published by the MIT Press in 2001. She earned her Ph.D in Communication & Information Studies from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in 1998.

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