Mehran Basiratmand


Dr. Mehran Basiratmand is a member of CIO Strategic Advisory team at Enabling Technologies Corp. At this capacity, he provides strategic advisory services including but not limited to change management initiatives, gap analysis, organizational readiness to implement new technology services such as cloud services as well as process innovation and modernizing workplace. Prior to joining Enabling Technologies Corp, he served as CTO for well over 15 years at Florida Atlantic University managing IT infrastructure, networking and Telecommunications, BI, User Services, ERP, HPC, cloud services, DR and institutional technology purchases. He was the chairperson of NWRDC the largest public data center in the state of Florida with close to 120 customers in K-20 and local/state government for over 12 years. He was a member of the Miami Electronic Taskforce for close to 10 years, and he served on several technology advisory boards. He is a regular contributor to technology trade publications, and served on the regional Educause programming committee.