Melinda Main


My name is Melinda and I’m Romanian-born, Italian-“adopted” since 2002 when I challenged myself at the age of 22 & moved to a new country on my own, in my thirties, only daughter, fiancée and a 2 furry babies mommy I would like to share with you a little bit more about myself so you can understand where I come from and how I developed this strong passion for homemade natural cosmetics and healthy eating. Presently I live in the north of Italy in the middle of vineyards, olive trees and wonderful surroundings although, deep inside, I am a city girl at heart. At the beginning of 2013 I decided to escape the social patterns and leave behind a “9-to-6″ job and simply challenge myself to find my true self. I have worn so many hats (working as an assistant manager, as a buyer, as a marketing assistant, as a project manager, ecc.), but none proved to be the one that fit me. Therefore here I am, trying to find my path following my instinct and my heart!