Michael Mayrath


Dr. Mayrath was a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Harvard University where he worked with pioneering researchers Drs. Chris Dede and Jody Clarke-Midura on the Virtual Performance Assessment project, which uses 3-D simulations to measure scientific inquiry skills. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Texas at Austin under the direction of Drs. Dan Robinson and Paul Resta. He is the lead editor of the book “Technology-Based Assessments for 21st Century Skills” published by Information Age Publishing in 2012. Dr. Mayrath has conducted research and development for leading organizations, including the U.S. Air Force, Cisco, and Harvard. Based on this experience, he founded an instructional technology development firm - www.elearning4training.com - that helps organizations improve their educational outcomes by leveraging technology and modern research. He also co-founded Magellan Education which created www.ProjectsMarketplace.com - a web-based platform that helps students get matched into teams and work on real-world projects. Dr. Mayrath served as an E-Textbook Reviewer for the Texas Education Agency in 2009-2010, and he is on numerous advisory boards, including South-by-Southwest EDU (SXSWedu), Austin Chamber of Commerce’s Educational Technology Task Force, and Pflugerville ISD’s Career & Technical Education Business Advisory Board.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Digital Texts and the Future of Education: Why Books?
    • Article

    Students have expectations for interactivity and connectedness when they use digital devices, yet these expectations are frequently unmet when using most digital textbooks, resulting in a lack of mass adoption.