Michael Chahino


Dr. Michael Chahino is a highly accomplished and seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in Information Technology. He has a proven track record of success in leading large-scale departments, designing systems, strategic planning, disaster recovery, and business continuity planning. Dr. Chahino thrives in dynamic and demanding environments and is recognized for his ability to execute decisions effectively. He is a strategic thinker with a unique talent for translating big picture vision into actionable plans. Dr. Chahino is also a co-author of a widely recognized definition of information security that emphasizes the importance of continuously safeguarding information while ensuring compliance with regulations. His approach to solving everyday business problems effectively balances innovation and discipline. In addition to his impressive professional achievements, Dr. Chahino has presented his insights and expertise at the CIS conference in Washington DC, further solidifying his reputation as a thought leader in his field. His definition, created in collaboration with co-author J. Marchant, describes information security as a discipline that governs the framework for ensuring the protection of information and compliance with regulations. This framework is composed of various interconnected components, utilizing a cyclic process of identifying, mitigating, and resolving incidents, much like the scientific method. Whether it be in the form of electronic, printed, audible, visual, or memorized data, Dr. Chahino believes that all information must be safeguarded and managed in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, and contractual agreements.

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