Mike Luttrell


Mike Luttrell, Jr. joined Emory University in 2010 as the Director of Information Technology for the Yerkes National Primate Research Center. Yerkes entrusts him to design, implement, and maintain the enterprise applications and infrastructure of the center. Mike's experience spans across 20 years in the field of information technology in both higher education and corporate sectors. Mike currently works with a consortium of four universities to develop an EMR system for non-human primates. With the consortium he helps improve clinical and research data accessibility for analysis across the eight federal non-human primate research centers. As the Director of Information Technology for the Ivan Allen College at Georgia Institute of Technology, Mike focused on developing the first distance learning solution for the School of Public Policy. Mike further architected a distance learning service when he joined the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. The service provided remote instruction in Lorraine, France and Seoul, Korea as part of a joint university degree program. Mike, as technical lead, also supported humanitarian related IT initiatives by creating a secure service for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for the Liberian government. Mike, a fourth generation technology professional, comes from a rich legacy in the development of Telex and Westar with Western Union. He received his bachelor of arts from Georgia State University and post graduate work at Georgia Tech. A native Georgian, he resides in Atlanta.