Michael Feldstein


Michael has a long and eclectic background in education, from teacher to blended an online education program administrator to educational technology product designer to ed tech analyst and consultant. He is a Partner at MindWires Consulting, Co-Publisher of the e-Literate educational technology analysis site, and Co-Producer of e-Literate TV. He has worked in product and program management for Cengage Learning and Oracle Corporation and served as Assistant Director at the SUNY Learning Network.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • What Is the Next Generation?
    • Article
    • Author

    If we want to see our digital learning environments evolve quickly and in a particular direction, we need to understand what evolution means. What are the generational changes that have happened so far, and what were the drivers for those changes?

  • Personalized Learning: What It Really Is and Why It Really Matters
    • Article
    • Author

    The authors offer a framework—based on three years of campus visits—for thinking about (1) the circumstances under which personalized learning can help students and (2) the best way to evaluate the real educational value for products that are marketed under the personalized learning banner.

  • Personalized Learning: The Hype, the Hope, and the Straight Dope
    • Briefs, Case Studies, Papers, Reports
    • Author

    The core of personalization is using technology to give students more individual feedback and differentiated instruction by freeing up class discussion time through offloading lecture content to the computer, providing compute based feedback, or a combination of the two.

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