Michael Kala'i Kalai


My Unique Value Proposition:
I am a very collaborative leader who values staff and faculty input. I am a strong project manager with a tremendous ability to think outside of the box to develop creative solutions to difficult predicaments. I can effectively translate complex information into common terms to a diverse audience. I am an evangelist for continuous improvement. I apply my in-depth industry knowledge and management skills to shape and cultivate an environment of operational excellence.

What Drives me:
I love technology, especially in my roles using technology supporting the mission, core values, and strategic IT goals to advance learning, the service delivery model, and enrollment growth. I am an innately curious person who studies, analyzes, and investigates a subject to become an expert and resource for my team, senior leadership, and the overall organization.

How I Make a Difference:
I am highly empathetic. I look at things holistically; impact on the person, organization, class verses a bottom-line only viewpoint. I can go from 10 Ft to 10 thousand view.