Michael Porterfield


Michael Porterfield, PhD, is currently an instructional designer at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). He has been in this position for almost five years. In his current role works mostly with faculty to transition their face-to-face course to online. He also leads sessions on multiple ways of incorporating technology into the teaching and learning process. He is also on the Accreditation team to prepare the HLC site visit in 2018. He is the chairperson for Criterion 4 and facilitates his team which will gather evidence and finally write the final report for submission to the HLC team when they come for their accreditation visit in 2018.

While working on his graduate degree, he also began teaching part-time in the UMSL College of Education preparing and enhancing current practitioners how to use technology in the classroom to meet their objectives and be student centered. In 2010, he was awarded by the UMSL College of Education as being an innovator in using technology in the classroom.

Currently, he was also selected as being a member of the Digital Public Library Association’s (DPLA) community representative. As being a community representative, he makes presentations and promotes the great resources the DPLA and their participating institutions offer to educators, especially the Open eBook Initiative started by the NY Public Library and promoted by the Obama White House.  

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