Michael Sherer


Michael Sherer has been Director of Information Technology of Goshen College since 1997, long enough to live through dorm wiring, Y2K, an Administrative Systems implementation, the dot-com implosion, the bandwidth crisis, the onslaught of worms and virii of 2003, the RIAA, the proliferation of PDA's and laptops, 3 generations of wireless networking, and innumerable IT and web buzzwords. Prior to all that excitement, he spent seven years with Notre Dame's Office of Information Technology, and has a past life as a seminarian, orchestra director, Suzuki violin teacher, computer programmer and church planter. In his spare time, Michael runs a non-profit technology service organization called mennonite.net, that provide websites and content management services to over 2000 Mennonite churches and organizations and is the project manager for Caravel, an open source enterprise web content management system. His email sig reads "Technology for Service."

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  • Midwest Regional Conference Program Committee
    • REGIONAL, 2004 - 2005