Mike Reese


Mike Reese is the Associate Dean and Director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Educational Resources with a joint appointment in sociology. He provides strategic direction for the center, leads educational research, facilitates teaching workshops, and explores innovative uses of technology in support of teaching with his faculty colleagues. He also teaches courses on urban studies, introductory sociology topics, and diffusion of innovation concepts.

Before coming to JHU, Mike Reese worked as an instructional designer at Caliber Learning and Booz-Allen and Hamilton. He worked with the U of MD School of Nursing to launch their first online degree program. Mike received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Johns Hopkins University. His dissertation, Changing Course: The Influence of Social Position and Social Networks on College Faculty's Adoption of Educational Innovations, explored how three educational innovations diffused through colleges and universities in the United States. Mike earned an M.Ed in instructional technology from the University of Virginia and a B.S. in electrical engineering from Virginia Tech (with a minor in sociology).

More information about Mike's work and his teaching is available at https://pages.jh.edu/~mreese6/

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  • Assessing the Future: E-Portfolio Trends, Uses, and Options in Higher Education
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    This ECAR research bulletin overviews the use of e-portfolios in higher education. The analysis of the potential benefits in post-secondary settings also includes considerations of the obstacles to institutional adoption and challenges to successful implementation.

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