Michael Sinnott


Michael Sinnott is the Director of Agile in University College Dublin (UCD). UCD Agile is a strategic initiative setup in support of UCD's strategic plan to 2020 and is focused on enhancing the agility and effectiveness of UCD's processes and procedures in administration, teaching and research. That is, its focus in on the operations of the University and its constituency is all those involved in creating the environment in which makes UCD an excellent place to teach, to research, to learn and to work. This role began in October 2015. Key elements of this growing are are the introduction of Lean Six Sigma as an institutional tool set as well as the development of a community of practice for those involved in ensuring the continued development and excellence of UCD's broad institutional infrastructure. The measures of success? Sustaining UCD as an excellent place in which to teach, to research, to learn and to work. Previously Michael was Director of Administrative Services in UCD Registry, University College Dublin. As member of the Registry Management Team, he was responsible for the development of processes and systems in support of the administrative goals of the UCD Registry in the areas of registration and enrolment management, curriculum management and staff support, fees and grants, and student services, as well as having a roving systems brief beyond those areas. A key area of his responsibilities lay in the ownership and development of the IT infrastructure which supports the student world - Ellucian's Banner students system, inter-operation of the systems on the administrative platform, centralised scheduling/timetabling, on-line registration and enrolment, curriculum management and publishing tools etc. Up to October 2006 Michael was a systems analyst in the Management Services Unit of UCD with particular responsibility for the systems and processes of the Registrar's Office. He is an engineer by background with an MSc in Microelectronics.