Michal Lichter


About Billigence

Billigence’s vision is to transform the way people work with data. Our clients benefit from innovative tools and techniques that turn raw data into insight and take the guesswork out of decision-making. Through our partnering approach, we empower our clients to be truly data-driven organisations. With offices in San Diego, London, Sydney, Singapore, Prague & Frankfurt, we have a global reach and are able to support both SMEs and large multinationals alike. Our clients leverage our capabilities in data consolidation & enrichment, data quality, data governance, analysis & data science as well as process automation and more.

Billigence has years of experience working with universities and higher education institutions globally. Partnering with more than 15 universities in the UK, Australia or Singapore, we have automated solutions like student number planning, campus optimisation or student retention and recruitment. We partner with the best-in-class technology providers like Alteryx to enable universities to become data-driven.

About Michal

With 6+ years of professional experience across both project management and consulting roles, his main responsibility is to oversee and manage the delivery of professional services projects and lead the implementation of innovative business intelligence and data analytics solutions. Experienced with enterprise-wide deployments and strategic initiatives.

His past track record of advisory services includes a range of data analytics & business improvements projects in multiple countries including the USA, UK, Ghana, Brunei, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

He has years of experience in higher education space, implementing data analytics solution for student planning and forecasting, data governance, campus optimisation and more. Together with subject matter business intelligence expertise, supported by various industry-acknowledged certifications, that equipped him with skills quintessential not only for the role – leadership, problem-solving, communication, planning & time management to name a few.