Michele Norin


Michele Norin is the Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Rutgers University. She is responsible for providing strategic leadership in the development and use of information technology in support of the University's vision for excellence in research, teaching, outreach, and lifelong learning. With a background in technology, she has been instrumental in provisioning computing solutions, orchestrating change, coordinating campus wide IT initiatives and facilitating widespread process improvement activities. Ms. Norin has a Bachelor's degree in MIS and a Master's degree in Educational Leadership and has been employed at Rutgers since December 2015.

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  • EDUCAUSE Board of Directors
    • Board, 2016 - 2020
  • ECAR-CDS Research Computing Working Group
    • ECAR, 2016 - 2019
  • ECAR-CDS Research Computing Working Group
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  • EDUCAUSE 2017 Program Committee
    • PROGRAM, 2016 - 2017
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