Michelle Morgan


Michelle Morgan is the Digital Accessibility Specialist at Yale University, where she fosters collaboration between the Digital Accessibility team in ITS and Yale’s Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning. In this role she has worked to build accessibility efforts campus wide, providing workshops on document remediation, captioning, and social media accessibility as well as establishing Communities of Practice that include university administrators, staff, faculty, and students. She is interested in building broad coalitions centered on a shared commitment to accessibility in environments with distributed support networks, as well as incorporating accessibility and Universal Design into programming for diversity and inclusion in teaching and learning.

Michelle earned her PhD in American Studies at Yale in 2017, where she studied visual and material culture and its role in shaping knowledge about social and racial difference. She has worked as faculty at Yale and Connecticut College, as well as in various administrative roles with Yale’s Office of Gender and Campus Culture, the Yale College Dean’s Office, and, more recently, as an Assistant Director of Educational Technology.

Michelle is a born-and-raised Mainer who lives in Connecticut with her wife, a baker. She has an active creative practice as an art embroiderer, radio programmer, and writer.

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