Mike Psenka


Mike Psenka founded eThority in 1991 and currently serves as its President and CEO. The company was created under the premise of shaping software solutions that flexed around the user's work process, not vice versa. eThority initially served the higher education and healthcare markets exclusively. However, Mike realized that there was a void in the general marketplace that eThority's unique toolset could satisfy. This began eThority's recent expansion. Prior to founding eThority, Mike worked with Price Waterhouse within their Open Systems Technology group implementing financial and manufacturing systems. He graduated from Princeton University in 1991 with a degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering. Under Mike's leadership, eThority has developed a strong set of core competencies around consolidating disparate data sources into usable, accessible information. Mike has focused a great deal of passion toward the development of a 'user-obvious' interface. When not executing day-to-day business operations, Mike dedicates himself to the design and animation of eThority's user-obvious interface and data visualization layer.