Mindy Gruba


Mindy is responsible for user research at Flat World Knowledge. She gathers data based on formative research, usability testing, and pilot programs and translates findings in a way that drives user-centered product design. Through the use of social and behavioral theories, Mindy possesses the talent to engage individuals to successfully express their thoughts and opinions in a meaningful way. Her extensive background in behavior modification, education and engagement, and human-computer interaction has provided her with a strong foundation in product development, implementation, and evaluation. Prior to joining Flat World Knowledge, Mindy conducted usability research on websites and mobile applications, and created continuing medical education eLearning courses. She has also supported the development of engaging health education programs while at National Institutes of Health, NASA Kennedy Space Center, and Johnson & Johnson. Mindy is currently pursuing her MPH with a focus in marketing and communication at The George Washington University.

EDUCAUSE Presentations