Ming Yang


Dr. Mingsheng Yang (Ming Yang) has been working at Computing & Communications, UCR since 07/1998 as Instructional Technology Consultant/Analyst. He has been working in the Higher Educational field for about 30 years. He had been working in several universities in mainland China including Henan University of Science and Technology; Central China University of Science and Technology, and Shanghai University of Science and Technology as a researcher, an administrator, and an assistant professor. There, he published well at some major publications nationally in the area of educational research. Since 1992, Ming Yang has been working in the educational technology field in six US universities include University of Missouri, Kansas City, Oberlin College, Kenyon College, and University of California. His expertise includes distant learning, multimedia technology, technical writing and authoring, faculty technical training, instructional design, and technology implementation. Dr. Ming Yang has been teaching in Higher Education for many years. He had taught in universities in China for about 10 years before he came to US. Since 1999, Dr. Ming Yang has been teaching in University of Phoenix as a doctorial faculty for some main courses of informational technology, programming, as well as database management.