Mirwais Azizi


As the Director of Digital Learning, Dr. Azizi provides the strategic vision and leadership for instructional innovation and Digital Learning initiatives. He is a professor and reseracher with over 20 years of experience nationally and internationally including teaching and administration at UCLA and CSUN. He oversees University-wide instructional design activities and strategic dimensions of course content development and distribution across the campus. He collaborates closely with Academic Affairs in advancing academic programs with the highest standards of academic integrity and pedagogical innovation. He provides expertise in the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of innovative instructional approaches and technologies as well as facilitating communities of practice among faculty. After receiving his MHA and MBA, he went on to receive a doctorate in Education - Instructional Technologies from Pepperdine University. His research interests span: cognitive neuroscience of learning; pedagogical effectiveness; communities of inquiry model; experiential and empirical research in teaching and learning.