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Davis is a high performing senior officer who is redefining the the role of the CIO in higher education. As a transformational leader, he is helping to transition Bowdoin into one of the most technically advanced liberal arts college in the nation. Davis has promoted organizational change, innovation, and emerging technology in education for over eighteen years.

He regularly consults with universities and faculty, speaks at seminars, participates on education technology committees and business and government advisory boards. Further, Davis works with venture capitalists and businesses to deliver next generation solutions. Before coming to Bowdoin, Davis was one of the Executive Directors of ITSS at Stanford University, an Associate Dean and CIO for Stanford Law School, and the Assistant Dean for Information Technology at University of Oregon School of Law.

Prior to joining higher education, he was a consultant to law firms, hospitals, advertising, publishing and education. Davis combines a functional and tactical understanding of change management, business processes, and marketing, with broad technology experience to quickly build highly effective, motivated and talented technology teams that deliver business value through ideas and innovation.

He has worked throughout his career to redefine the role of the CIO and create a generation of people who seamlessly apply the latest information and technology to their work, ideas and life.

Specialties I.T. Technology & Business Assessements, Marketing, Leadership, Change Management, Marketing and Communication

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