Mitch Colver


Dr. Mitchell Colver began working in higher education in 2007, where his early experiences with students taught him to focus on the value of human diversity and human potential.

As a thought leader in the field of analytics, he is frequently invited to champion the idea that student success can best be fostered through increased intentionality amongst faculty, staff, and executives. Dr. Colver believes that human empowerment and collaboration are the most powerful tools that 21st century institutions have in their arsenal to optimize the student ecosystem.

Mitchell has degrees in Psychology, Music, and Experimental Research, as well as a PhD emphasizing research in Higher Education.

His research has appeared in Popular Science, Discover, Slate, Smithsonian, New York Magazine, and, internationally, on Radio BBC.

His prominence in the field has allowed him to serve as an analytics and change-management consultant for universities across the nation and globe. 

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Augmented Intelligence and Ethics of Care in 21st-Century Advising Practice
    • Article

    Predictive analytics systems can provide important insight into how students are faring and can guide interventions to help struggling students do better. Implementing such services comes with certain risks, however, and ethics training can minimize those risks and contribute to professional growth for advisors.

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