Muvaffak Gozaydin


Graduate study and research at Caltech

MSME Stanford 19645

MSIE Stanford 1965

MSEE Stanford 1968

Design edngineer at Hewlett-Packard in  Palo Alto, CA 1965-1970

Advisor to Prime Ministry, State Planning

Vice President at KOC Holding, 100.000 employees, $ 50 billion sales

Vice President and President BEKO Electronic Co 1975-1995

Sales from zero to $  $ 1 billion, investments $ 500 million , 3.000 employees and engineers .

General Manager of Education Foundation 1995 -1999

Creator of Educational Parks each costing $ 1 million .

Mainly education techn ology oriented .

Own education technology investigations and online universities

Owner of open to 8 billion of the world .

First university in the world without any staff whatsoever .

Courses from Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Yale Oxford etc