Nabil Bukhalid


I have a passion in identifying new enabling technologies and providing leadership in the development and delivery of innovative data communication, computing and information technology solutions to maximize the effectiveness of administration, medical care and the benefit of learning, learner success. My career path have evolved from biomedical engineering, computing and data communication to senior IT leadership positions with focus on creating value by investigating and implementing innovative information and communication technology solutions for medical care, learning purposes and administration in higher education. My leadership and managerial experience is rich in change management opportunities and paradigm shift challenges. The success of my leadership approach and positive influence is rooted in my belief in delivering solutions that meet students’, teachers’, doctors’ and administrators’ needs, supporting them with proper training without compromising organizational strategies. I am also an Internet evangelist and a public speaker in the Internet world. I made many significant contributions to the introduction and development of the Internet in Lebanon. I am principally known for establishing the first Internet node in Lebanon and the .LB Domain Registry in 1993 and I have served since then as the Administrator and Registrar. I am the founder of the Lebanese Academic and Research Network (LARN), co-founder of the Lebanese Broadband Manifesto Support Group (LBSG) and BeirutIX. I am also a co-founder and president of the Internet Society Lebanon Branch (ISOC-LB). I have enjoyed organizing, collaborating and presenting internationally in numerous conferences on technical and socio-economical concepts related to the Internet and knowledge society.