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As an editor of EDUCAUSE Review, the association's flagship magazine, Nancy researches, solicits, edits, and schedules articles for publication online, working closely with Editor/Publisher D. Teddy Diggs and Multimedia Producer Gerry Bayne. She joined EDUCAUSE in late 2000 as editor of EDUCAUSE Quarterly and still manages the peer-review process and reviewer committee for academic, yet practical, research articles. She worked with EDUCAUSE staff to move EQ completely online in 2009, and then with the rest of the editorial team to merge the quarterly, print, and multimedia product lines into the new flagship EDUCAUSE Review in 2012. Nancy also oversees production of other EDUCAUSE publications. Prior to joining EDUCAUSE, Nancy worked for the IEEE Computer Society from 1985-2000, rising to become a group managing editor for five publications: IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications; IEEE Multimedia (which she launched with Dr. William Grosky, first editor-in-chief); IEEE Micro; IEEE Design and Test; and IEEE History of the Annals of Computing. Early career positions included technical editor in aerospace, editor of software review books, and editor/writer for oriental medicine publications. Nancy holds an MA (English) from UCLA and three BAs from Oregon State University (English, economics, and liberal arts).

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    How are you accessing this issue of EQ? On a mobile device, perhaps? Growing numbers of people in higher education rely on their smartphones and PDAs to stay connected and get work done no matter where they go during the day, as Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson demonstrates in the photo record of his daily use of mobile technology.

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    This special issue on student engagement concludes EQ’s first year totally online. What an amazing year it has been! The authors and EQ Review Committee members met new challenges, creating and evaluating varied media in addition to text submissions while continuing to deliver the high-quality, practical content you expect of EQ.

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