Nathan Gerber


Nathan Gerber, Director of Web Development Services at UVU, is a web solutions advocate specializing in helping educational institutions build effective and productive web solutions. Since 1993, Nathan has assisted many businesses and educational institutions in creating their web systems. As technologies evolve, Nathan works with the UVU community to be a driving force in helping clients move in the right direction. Recently, he has been working with entities across UVU in helping them use their analytics to make informed decisions for website success. In addition to UVU, Nathan is a member of the Noel-Levitz Web Strategy and Interactive Marketing Services team where his role includes working with CMS solutions for institutions and information architecture. He also has presented at several higher education conferences including eduWeb, EDUCAUSE Regional conferences, and HighEd Web (where his session on “Building a Responsive Web Community” won Best of Track 2013). Nathan is a devoted father of 5 children and loving husband of Janelle, his wife of 23 years. You’ll often hear Nathan say, “I’ve never met any technology that is as good-looking as my wife.”

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