Neil Bowers


Mr. Bowers has 35 years experience in the development, sales and implementation of administrative software solutions for higher education. He has provided product, project and engagement management for several dozen projects using PeopleSoft, Buzzeo and Information Associates packaged solutions. He has strong skills in project management, business development and information systems technology.  He focuses on helping clients identify and develop strategies/tactics, and enabling systems to support business goals and objectives, with a strong emphasis on organizational change management – an aspect all too often underestimated and/or overlooked all together. He has worked with many clients to successfully resolve business and organizational problems and implement information systems to improve enterprise business performance. He pays particular attention to overall project team productivity and performance as well as relationships with the project sponsor(s), the executive steering committee and all executive stakeholders while keeping a watchful eye on the triple constraints of schedule, scope and resources.  Mr. Bowers has been a frequent speaker at industry trade shows and software vendor user conferences where he presents sessions on institutional progress toward meeting complex business requirements to achieve on-time and on-cost performance.  Infosys Technologies, Limited o Manager Education Practice, 2006-Present  IBM Corporation o Principal, Dallas, 1999-04 o Project Manager, Orlando, 1997-99  Buzzeo, Inc. o Director of Project Management, Phoenix, 1997 o Project Manager, Phoenix, 1996  Instamation, Inc. o General Manager, Rochester, 1993-96  Information Associates, Inc. o Strategic Program Manager, Rochester, 1992-93 o SIS Plus Migration Team Manager, Rochester, 1991-92 o SIS Plus Development Manager, Rochester, 1990-91 o On Course Development Manager, Rochester, 1988-89 o State-wide Maintenance Manager, Nashville, 1985-88 o Delivery Branch Manager, Washington, DC, 1979-85 o Financial Aid Development Manager, Rochester, 1976-79 o Student Loan Product Manager, Rochester, 1974-1980  Affiliations & Presentations o 2004-2004 SCT Summit Users Conference o 2001-2003 IBM Palisades ERP & Beyond o 2001-2002 Educause o 2001-2002 CUMREC o 1999-2002 IBM Best Practices o 1998-2003 PeopleSoft Connect Conference o 1998-2004 PeopleSoft HEUG Conference o 1993-1995 Project Management Institute o 1988-1989 NACADA o 1979-1998 IA SISU Users Conference 