Nick Roberts


I am an IT Leader "newish" to Higher Education.  I stumbled into a career in tech from music school and high school band director gigs years ago.  I love working with creative passionate people and seek out new challenges as a curious tinkerer.  I came up through the BI and Analytics track and have a soft spot in my heart for everything data.  I've been an individual contributor (loved it), a team leader (loved it), and now a Director (learning to love it).  

At Davidson College - 

My team is immediately responsible for data and application integration solutions, business intelligence, advanced analytics, identity and access management, and deep-level support of enterprise applications across the administrative and academic portfolios. I also like to build communities of people related to innovation and technology and I am lucky to learn from these relationships and experiences.

Previously - 

I came to Higher Education from local government IT.  I held positions as Manager of Business Systems, Database Administrator, and BI Developer.  I also worked with a private software company in the government IT space as an implementation project manager, and Regional Services Manager for the SouthEast.

Also... #dadjokes

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