Nick Backscheider


For many years Nick Backscheider was the Associate Executive Director for Policy and Planning in the Office of Information Technology at Auburn University. His past experience with the Student Information System, Identity Management, Security, and Instructional Technology has become even more relevant as he now focuses on planning and policy, working with the [newly introduced Office of the] CIO. He also works on a wide variety of University projects, some IT, some not, and with many interesting and helpful people. The work is interesting and fun and (what is really the same thing) challenging. He is fortunate. EDUCAUSE, and especially ECAR, have given Nick the chance to meet and learn from experts from all over the country.

One of Nick's favorite experiences has been participating in several working groups, writing and revsing papers on relenvant HE IT topics and learning from his colleagues in the working groups.

A long time ago Nick received an STB from Yale University Divinity School, a PhD in mathematics from Purdue University and an MBA from the Simon School of Business at the University of Rochester. (He'd go back to school now if he could.) He has been teaching for 40 years, and still teaches a course every term. Nick needs to beinthe trenches in order to lead or assist faculty in instructional technology. The rest of Nick's life revolves around his spouse of more than 50 years, his grandchildren, his woodworking shop, his morning walks, and his books.

As of April 1, 2018, Nick retired from his position in IT, but will remain at Auburn as an instructor of mathematics.

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