Nikki James


Nikki James is fascinated with how we can better use emerging technology to create large-scale improvements to education. She loves that she gets to use her instructional design and learning science knowledge in R&D that can be implemented into instructional technology and make an impact.

Nikki James's current research is focused on how learning analytics, machine learning and educational data mining can be used in experiential learning programs designed to develop 21st Century Skills and prepare students for the 4th Industrial Revolution.

As a Learning Scientist, Nikki James gets to design and implement leading-edge technology-enabled learning experiences and work with world-class technologists in research and development, focused on the application of machine learning and learning analytics in experiential learning.

Nikki James's journey to being a Learning Scientist did not follow a traditional path. She traversed outdoor education in China, humanitarian aid and development in Tanzania and higher education lecturing in Australia to name a few! But, throughout her travels, she was acutely aware that she was afforded these opportunities because of her access to quality education. She knew the next step in her journey was to use technology to increase access to quality education for everyONE.