Nynke Kruiderink


Nynke Kruiderink excels in bridging the realms of education and digital innovation. With a background in political science, a strong programming skillset, and a unique upbringing as a third culture child, Nynke possesses exceptional organizational sensitivity. She offers invaluable advice to educational management on 21st-century Learning Strategies, seamlessly integrating digital strategy. 

Her expertise extends to formulating tailored advice and strategies for digital transformation within the learning sector, encompassing both the core processes of educational institutions and the cultivation of a thriving learning culture within schools. Nynke's adaptive approach to her digital workplaces, coupled with her hands-on learning methodology, has equipped her with profound insights into digital knowledge sharing, management, and strategic implementation.

Currently serving as the project lead for the Npuls national programme for Teaching and Learning Centers, Nynke applies her wealth of knowledge to drive impactful initiatives in the field. Her commitment to excellence and innovation makes her a valuable asset in any educational context.

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