Tony Perez


Dr. Oscar Perez received his PhD. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) with a special focus on control systems and data communications. He was Awarded the Woody Everett award from the American Society for engineering education August 2011 for the research on the impact of mobile devices in the classroom. Dr. Perez has been teaching the Basic Engineering (BE) – BE 1301 course for over 9 years. Lead the design for the development of the new Basic Engineering course (now UNIV 1301) for engineering at UTEP for the Engineering, Science and University Colleges. Developed over 5 new courses, including UTEP technology & society core curriculum classes specifically for incoming freshman with a STEM background. Dr. Perez was awarded the 2014 “University of Texas at El Paso award for Outstanding Teaching”. Dr. Perez has thirteen years of professional experience working as an Electrical and Computer Engineer. leads a team to provide technical support to faculty and students utilizing UGLC classrooms and auditoriums. Dr. Perez is committed to the highest level of service to provide an exceptional experience to all of the UGLC guests. Dr. Perez strongly believes that by providing exceptional customer service that UGLC patrons will return to make use of the various services the university offers. Dr. Perez enjoys working on the professional development of the students’ employees at the UGLC. He shares with his student employees his practical experience in using electrical engineering concepts and computer technologies to help in everyday real-world applications. Dr. Perez has worked with the uTeach and Tech-e camp programs at UTEP since their creation to streamline the transition process for engineering students from local area K-12 schools to college by equipping students and their teachers with teaching strategies and technologies each summer. Oscar enjoys teamwork, believes in education as a process for achieving life-long learning rather than as a purely academic pursuit. He currently works on maintaining, upgrading and designing the new classroom of the future model at UTEP. Dr. Perez is inspired because he enjoys working with people and technology in the same environment.

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