Otto Khera


Otto Khera is currently the senior manager, research and evaluation at the Center for Scholarly Technology at the University of Southern California where he oversees an instructional design and instructional technology team that manages the conversion of traditional face-to-face courses to online modules, courses. Khera’s focus is on distance learning and globalization, and has published on online course delivery in a trans-national setting and accessing digital archives in developing countries. Otto has led major distance-learning grant projects to connect rural communities to universities, and has led two major private-sector new media projects relying on video and on text/print. Khera holds a post-Master’s certificate (International and Global Communication) from the University of Southern California Annenberg School for Communication where he will receive a Master’s in Online Communities (May 2009). He holds an MBA from Arizona State University, and two undergraduate degrees in finance and in economics. His current focus is on mobile technology for teaching and learning, and for transportation efficiencies.

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