Venkat Venkataraman


Dr. Venkataraman's research and professional development areas include applied optimization (airfoil optimization), trajectory shaping in nonlinear dynamic systems, applied CFD computation, software development (MATLAB, Java, C++, Java), and Web content development. He has over 250 MB of original content on the web and is seriously engaged in harnessing the web for instructional advantages. His page can be accessed at Dr. Venkataraman uses the Internet to support all the courses he teaches He is interested in developing mechanisms for interactive learning, especially for advanced engineering courses that require strong mathematical and thinking skills. He is a strong advocate of introducing students to programming very early in the curriculum. This will enable the student to harness the strength of current technical software for learning as well as analysis. This directly targets the weak analytical strengths of many of the graduating students. Dr. Venkataraman has implemented a concept of ‘Interactive Learning’ by practice through the web. Here dynamic HTML, Java, and standard HTML is used to implement the step by step pedagogical learning process in basic engineering courses of Statics and Dynamics. The practice is delivered by partitioning problem solving as a sequence of incremental thinking steps. Participation is required and feedback on the numerical solution is provided at every instant. Dr. Venkataraman is interested in developing concepts and ideas in alternate energy generation through wind and wave energy. He recently became a member of AWEA. Dr. Venkataraman is developing a unique online, MATLAB enriched course on Wind Energy. It is available (incomplete) at Dr. Venkataraman has developed a web site that illustrates how MATLAB can be used in problem solving through the core courses in the mechanical engineering department. Dr. Venkataraman volunteered to teach Aircraft Structures in the spring quarter (2006-3). The area of advanced mechanics was new to him. Moreover, since it was important for the students, he familiarized himself with a new FEM software called “COMSOL” and introduced it as part of his course. For his effort he was invited to participate in the COMSOL Users Conference in 2007. He has also been invited to submit a paper to the International Journal of Engineering Education. His course web site is His work is available at the COMSOL curriculum exchange at Dr. Venkataraman has published his exhaustive work on Bezier Functions at his web site: