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Pam Arroway is EDUCAUSE's Director of Analytics Infrastructure. After earning a PhD in Statistics from Iowa State University, Pam joined the Department of Statistics at North Carolina State University. During twelve years at NC State, Pam served as a faculty member, Assistant Department Head and Co-Director of Graduate Programs. As part of EDUCAUSE's analytics services team, Pam manages delivery of portals for the Core Data Service, EDUCAUSE Benchmarking Service, and EDUCAUSE Technical Research in the Academic Community.

EDUCAUSE Publications

  • Higher Education IT Salary Report, 2016
    • Briefs, Case Studies, Papers, Reports

    In ECAR’s report The Higher Education IT Workforce Landscape, 2016, we briefly explored the topic of higher education IT salaries. We conducted bivariate analyses to help identify factors that may be associated with salary levels, finding that such factors may vary considerably across managerial levels. In this report, we expand on the previous analyses and offer a deeper exploration into the factors that shape the salaries of CIOs, managers, and nonmanagerial staff in higher education IT departments.

  • Calculating the Costs of Distributed IT Staff and Applications
    • Briefs, Case Studies, Papers, Reports

    As most higher education institutions continue to experience rising costs, reductions in funding from nontuition sources, and growing pressure to curtail tuition increases, the need to know and manage the total cost of IT across campus has never been greater.

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  • EDUCAUSE Analytics Services Design Panel
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  • CHEITA Benchmarking Working Group
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  • ECAR Cost Working Group
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  • Core Data Service Advisory Group
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