Pam Arroway


Pam Arroway is EDUCAUSE's Senior Statistician. After earning a PhD in Statistics from Iowa State University, Pam joined the Department of Statistics at North Carolina State University. During twelve years at NC State, Pam served as a faculty member, Assistant Department Head and Co-Director of Graduate Programs. As part of EDUCAUSE's research team, she provides statistical leadership and support for a variety of studies.

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  • CHEITA Benchmarking Working Group
    • Working Group, 2015 - 2016
  • ECAR Cost Working Group
    • HISTORIC, 2014 - 2016
  • Core Data Service Advisory Group
    • Working Group, 2011 - 2016
  • ECAR Fellows
    • HISTORIC, 2011 - 2014
  • Core Data Service Revamp 2010 Working Group
    • HISTORIC, 2011 - 2011