Patrice Walker


Patrice J. Walker was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, the sixth largest municipality in North Carolina. After graduating high school in the top 15% of her class and as a NC Scholar, she received a Presidential Scholarship to pursue her educational endeavors at Shaw University. Patrice obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/Computer Information Systems at Shaw University, the oldest Historically Black College in the South, in 2002. After graduating from Shaw University, Patrice received a graduate assistantship and began pursuing her Master of Business Administration degree at Fayetteville State University, she graduated in 2006. Patrice is currently enrolled in the Information Systems Program witha concetration in Strategic Management at North Carolina Central University, and projected to graduate in the summer of 2020. Since graduating from Shaw University in 2002, Patrice has acquired employment at Kadix Systems and Fayetteville State University. At present, Patrice is the Director of the Client Services department in the North Carolina Central University ITS division. These places of employment have served as great learning experiences and ensured Patrice a wealth of knowledge in technology, customer service, morale building, conflict resolution and management.