Patricia Aceves


My collegiate career began 20 years ago, building quality online programs for adult learners; today I lead a team of professionals in the expansion of online undergraduate education, developing policies and procedures around curriculum delivery, educational and multimedia technologies, learning space innovations, testing, and evaluations of teaching. In 2018, we opened the Faculty Commons, a one-stop shop for faculty and TAs to receive teaching, technology, and research support, space to meet with colleagues, and relax with a cup of coffee. 

Throughout my career, I have effectively worked with teams of faculty, administrators and technology leaders, constructed programs, sought and gained funding and used my skills in networking, collaboration and conflict resolution to build consensus and meet objectives. 

My leadership success stems from the ability to engage others in the process of organizational and professional growth through knowledge, inspiration and empowerment.

Within Educause, I serve as co-chair of the Instructional Technology Constituent Group, am involved in the Leading Academic Transformation (LAT), ITWomen, and Learning Space Research Constituent Groups and am an alumna of the Learning Technology Leadership Institute 2017. 

EDUCAUSE Presentations