Pat Albanese


As the Director of Libraries at Rochester Institute of Technology for nearly 20 years, Pat Pitkin has been a leader in the planning, budgeting and implementation of cutting-edge library and electronic services for the RIT learning population.

In the area of Information Technology, Pat has directed the development, planning and implementation of integrated on-library systems. Major accomplishments include the introduction and development of pervasive database access, from local tape-load databases and CD-ROM networked systems, to a multitude of Internet-accessed databases. She has provided leadership in campus-wide Web developments and statewide database purchases. She is responsible for the introduction of an Internet-access and multimedia lab within the library, as well as the distribution of a wide array of library services through a campus network. Her leadership includes telecommunications upgrades, the installation of the first campus wireless network, the development of digital image-based collections, and extensive support of Distance Learning programs and students. Pat was key in the development and building of the current library facility, as well as a significant addition and renovation project.

In the area of library collections, Pat was responsible for the initiation of a comprehensive collection development program, formula-based allocations systems, serials-use studies, and integration of network access products. She is a recognized leader in the delivery of electronic resources to state, regional and local communities. Pat was also responsible for the analysis, relocation and integration of the 100,000-volume Eisenhower College Library into the RIT collections. She is currently planning for the collections support of RIT's growing Ph.D. programs.

In addition to her extensive experience as a library director, she has also held positions at Wallace Memorial Library as Head of Automated and Technical Services, Head of Library Systems Department, and Database Manager/Original Cataloger.

Pat has just earned an MS in Information Technology from RIT. She also holds an MLS from the School of Library and Information Science and a BS in Philosophy, both from SUNY Geneseo.