Patricia Mangeol


Patricia Mangeol is the Director of Digital Learning Initiatives at Sandbox Labs, a part of Sandbox Inc., a Canadian media and technology agency (she is currently on secondment from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation Development). At Sandbox Labs, Patricia advances initiatives fusing media and digital technologies to support learning. At the OECD since 2016, Patricia has led projects in partnership with governments in Europe and North America, the European Commission, and foundations to develop comparative analysis and tailored recommendations to improve higher education and skills policy. Her areas of focus include the financing, governance, digitalisation, and labour market outcomes of higher education and lifelong learning. Previously, Patricia held policy and leadership positions in the government of Ontario (Canada) where she led policy analysis and development in higher education, labour market and employment, and immigration. Patricia holds Master’s Degrees in Public Affairs from Science-Po Paris (France) and International Relations from the University of Toronto (Canada).

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