Patrick Farah Farah


American nutritionist, dietitian and manager, Patrick Farah has over 10 years experience in both nutrition science and public health. His desire and passion to help others is what brought him in this field in the first place. Concerned about the increasing number of Americans that deal with obesity and are affected by Type 2 Diabetes, he decided to take a stand, and at least try to help. Although Patrick Farah is not formally trained in cooking, his culinary skills are described as exceptional by first class professionals. Being a gourmet himself, he truly enjoys delicious food, and uses every opportunity to show and prove that healthy food can be equally if not more tasty, and it is all a matter of perception. He strongly believes that the power of food can optimize out health and wellness, and even more help prevent diseases, boost the immune system and improve the way that you feel inside and out. Patrick Farah has a strong passion for nutrition, which is probably why he can’t imagine doing anything else for a living.