Patrick McGrath


Patrick McGrath spent 13 years as an Associate Director in U.C. Berkeley's Information Services and Technology division. Over that time, Patrick was responsible for a diverse set of functions spanning enterprise architecture, data management, data center and infrastructure management, applications and project management, service desk and response center management. Over the last several years, Patrick focused on multi-institutional research programs and the development of content and information management services to support campus-wide business processes, communications and collaboration.

Prior to UC Berkeley, Patrick held senior management roles within DigitalThink, one of the first large-scale SaaS providers and a leader in tutor-supported learning over the internet, and at Documentum as the IT Applications Manager. The remainder of Patrick's 30 year career includes work in professional services, business development, recruiting, technical delivery and IT management within startups and established enterprises.

Patrick is now the Head of Product Marketing at the Enterprise Content Division (ECD), a division of EMC, Inc. Patrick specializes in products and services for enterprise content management (ECM), business process management, information governance, and information lifecycle management.