Paul Erickson


Paul Erickson has extensive experience building solutions and relationships on both the academic and enterprise sides of IT at an R1 University. Beginning in 1996, he began working with instructors to understand and improve how technology could benefit the classroom. That work led to the growth, integration, and support of the LMS—along with working with the burgeoning education IT industry to better fit the higher education market. Once the LMS was well established on campus, Erickson moved to streamline and scale the Identity & Access Management ecosystem and champion the implementation of federated identity via InCommon.

The IAM intersection of business rules, security, and customer focus provided tremendous opportunity for process improvement, which led to a shift to Enterprise Architecture. As technology shifts more to “As A Service” offerings, Erickson has focused on the fit between the business of the University and the technology it has invested in—with a focus on meeting University priorities and positioning IT as the premier change agent. Erickson sees procurement, contractual, and organizational changes are key areas of focus moving forward.

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